What You Never Knew About Persistence

Persistence is a financial goods platform that caters to both ordinary investors and major financial firms. Persistence aspires to serve as a link between decentralized finance and the conventional economy, as well as assist in the development of DeFi applications in the NFTs ecosystem.
Persistence’s array of products includes pStake (a staking liquidity platform), Asset Mantle (an NFT marketplace), AUDIT.one (a staking help), pLend (a debt interactive tool), and Comdex (decentralized commodity exchange).
But in this context, we’ll be focusing on Asset Mantle.

Asset Mantle: An Overview
Asset Mantle is a platform for non-financial trading (NFT) exchanges. Asset Mantle will serve as a framework, containing all of the components needed to build unique marketplaces. It will also make it easier to create (mint) interoperable NFTs that can be shared across several blockchains. Asset Mantle can handle a wide range of NFTs, including digital art and collectibles as well as tokenized tickets.

Niche-specific Marketplaces
Asset Mantle, unlike previous systems like OpenSea and SuperRare (which are consolidated/agnostic marketplaces), will enable the construction of customized marketplaces for certain vendors or groups of sellers.
Though Asset Mantle is also ideal for building agnostic marketplaces, its differentiator is that anyone can build their own. Think of it as a 'Shopify for NFTs’; rather than putting things on an 'Amazon for NFTs' (like OpenSea), businesses and artists will be able to construct their Shopify-style stores for their products.

Present NFT marketplaces are so reliant on Ethereum which is a huge flaw. The requirement for assets that can flow between multiple ecosystems is becoming increasingly vital as the crypto ecosystem expands. The answer to this problem is Asset Mantle.
The interNFT endeavor produced Asset Mantle as a result. InterNFT is a community-led project with the aim to create Interchain protocols that will improve the current standard for Non-fungible Tokens and Metadata connected with distinctively recognized tokenized assets. Because the service uses the interNFT module in the background, NFTs generated using Asset Mantle will be interoperable, allowing them to switch between the ERC-721 standard and other native NFT standards on other chains effectively. Also, they will be free to flow between blockchains (for example from Cosmos to Ethereum).
To bring Asset Mantle to life, the team is collaborating with other Cosmos ecosystem pioneers. Asset Mantle is in the initial phases of advancement, with a beta version available now. Expect to hear a lot more about Asset Mantlein the future.
InterNFT definition, issuance, ownership transfer, and decentralized exchange are all possible with this program, which implements the minimum subset of PersistenceSDK modules.
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About Persistence One

Persistence One is a hybrid protocol that integrates asset-based borrowing with debt issuance and administration, allowing DeFi to use the power of real-world assets.
Persistence is a free, open-source protocol for creating next-generation financial products. Persistence uses the XPRT token as its indigenous currency. With the XPRT, there will be a variety of use cases inside the Persistence environment.
Persistence aims to enable and generate a range of cutting-edge economic services, including staking-as-a-service, tokenized "real-world" debt, and digital art. Persistence bridges the gap between DeFi and conventional finance by allowing to be leveraged against real-world assets.




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