May 24th-May 28th 2021.

The just-concluded week saw quite several engaging activities on trustworks global social media platform and community.

Firstly, the ORGASMIC CHAKRA artistic talent hunt was concluded on TUESDAY 25th May. The event had attracted some form of massive attention from the entire community. The entire community now awaits the emergence of the 8 lucky/creative and talented individuals and get to behold also, the 88 artworks that get to be minted as NFTs.

Also, in this past week, the Trustworks token ($Trust) went live on the ethereum blockchain (i.e UNISWAP)

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum. To be more precise, it is an automated liquidity protocol.
Uniswap leaves behind the traditional architecture of digital exchange in that it has no order book. It works with a design called Constant Product Market Maker, which is a variant of a model called Automated Market Maker (AMM)
Go to the Uniswap interface. (https://app.uniswap.org or https://uniswap.exchange.)
Connect your wallet. You can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other supported Ethereum wallet.
Select the token you’d like to exchange from.
Select the token you’d like to exchange into (i.e $Trust) OFFICIAL CONTRACT : Contract 0x70Cc41a7BA9101FDf402Bc0758B7C40fc704ad05

4 Click on Swap.
5 Preview the transaction in the pop-up window.
6 Confirm the transaction request in your wallet.
7 Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. You can monitor its status on https://etherscan.io/.
There was also a community AMA session on the 26th ofMay, that was aimed at clearing the doubts/attending to queries the community had over the Trustbridge.
THE AMA hinted that the trust ERC-BSC would go live the next day being 27th May 2021 and also that trustworks global will be setting the ratio for the Bridge as 1:1.
As it stands, you can now;
(i) Buy $Trust from Uniswap
(ii)Use our bridge to swap to BSC
(iii)Farm 30 NfTs & Earn Passive Income Indefinitely &
(iv)Participate in TRUST LP & Earn $Trust
Here is a detailed guide on how to use TrustBridge https://youtu.be/mEUNElBlcik
At the AMA session, some new marketing strategies were announced to further promote the trustworks global project.

With the Ethereum and Binance blockchain crossed of the listed, Trustworks global will be looking to further expand its multi-chain journey/reach on the Matic blockchain.
you can agree that it was a wow week for Trustworks global and there is plenty more to come in the coming weeks like;
1 Quickswap Listing
2. DAO implementation
3. Beta App Launch
4. Public Launch and more that will thrill you

Ever since trustworks' launch, the following are already in place ;
1. Created NfT Farms
2. Released All DAO NfTs
3. Created $Trust Pools

Medium: https://trustworksglobal.medium.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/Trustworks_NfT
Telegram https://tttttt.me/Trustworks




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