Trustworks global recently partnered with Prism Network.
About PRISM Network
PRISM Network is a Universal DeFi servicing hub that has its own bridging and cross-chain infrastructure which provides services for projects on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, TomoChain & xDAI through its cross chain token PRISM. Prism Network gives developers and projects the tools, resources and infrastructure to integrate seamlessly with any of these networks.
The partnership was essential in maintaining cross-chain compatibility while also providing users opportunities to earn staking rewards with their $TRUST. This further bringing utility to the ecosystem. The most important is how PRISM will support Trustworks commitment to being a decentralized and community driven project with DAO mechanics by supplying staking pools, and liquidity farming pools.
The Liquidity Pools, allow users to stake one token in order to earn rewards in another token. This process can be known as ‘farming’. The purpose of a Pool is often to encourage users to create LP Tokens This improves liquidity for the trading pair, while also rewarding those who provide liquidity and giving them an extra benefit to offset any impermanent loss


For a start, there will five pools on the Prism Network Platform running for a total duration of 12 weeks.
24 hour pre-staking was observed in other to ensure a fair pool launch and the staking pool began giving out rewards on Sunday 16th May
The Five staking pools includes;
(i) bPRISM/BNB pair for 35,000 TRUST
pool will run for a Duration of 70 days
(ii) BNB/TRUST pair for 65,000 TRUST
pool will run of 90 days
(iii) bPRISM/TRUST pair for 50,000 TRUST
for a duration of 90 days
(iv) BUSD/TRUST pair for 25,000 TRUST
for a Duration of 60 days
(v) CAKE/TRUST pair for 25,000 TRUST
for a Duration of 60 days

Important Notices
The orgasmic chakra is still ongoing!!!
turn in your artworks @
Get your share from the $50k pool prize




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