At exactly 4:00pm CET, the AMA session kicked off as scheduled
The Moderator was Unifty COO, Colin Platt
Guests From Rage.Fan ; Vivek Kumar , the marketing head
George Mathai, the product head
Rage.fan’s CO-FOUNDER was also present

The moderator began by thanking Mr. Vivek and Mr. George for making out time from their busy schedules to be present at the AMA session.
Both Guests appreciated the moderator’s receptive gestures and expressed their gratitude

For the purpose of clarity, the AMA session will be splited into two sections A and B



Colin: Just to kick things off, would you mind giving us a quick introduction of yourselves and Rage.fan?
Vivek: My name is Vivek Kumar. I lead Marketing & Communications here at Rage.Fan here. I have done Masters in Business Administration with overall 7 years of work ex. across Consulting, Strategy & Planning, Program Management and Marketing. In past have worked with Consulting firms and MNCs.

Colin comment: sounds like a great background to do what your doing

George: My name is George and I handle all things related to Sport uNFTs within Rage.Fan. I have a total work experience of 13+ years across Software Development, Consulting, Business Research, Growth Hacking, and Product Dev. I have done my Masters in Business Administration and I’m an avid Sports Fan.
To give you an intro about Rage, think of us as a massive ecosystem that tries to cover several use cases:
Sports NFTs (or uNFTs): Get access to limited edition exclusive sports NFTs and get additionally rewarded as part of core utility that it holds
Fantasy sports platform: Join, participate in several sporting contests and walk away with cool rewards
AR-driven token drop app: Scramble is our AR drive token drop app inspired by PokemonGo that enables you hunt several types of tokens
To facilitate all this, we have our native token $RAGE that comes with several utilities viz. Game play (or game currency), governance, staking, referral mining, virtual/AR mining, etc.

Colin remarked: Great, thank you, I know a lot of people here have been interested in the project and especially around the revived sports events around the world this year. Good timing.

Colin: would you please talk us through your product portfolio development and your key achievements so far?

George: Sure thing. I'll cover this in 3 broad themes.
Sports NFTs (uNFTs):
So far, we have launched Cricket and Tennis NFTs. In the 1st slot we sold 250 Cricket NFTs on Bondly in less than 2 mins. These were based on 5 cricket players and came with some cool utilities including in game point bonus multiplier.
Next set covers tennis NFTs which are currently available on UNifty Farms. People can stake RAGE to get points, use those points to get these NFTs. Further, they can again use those NFTs to take part in the fantasy tennis tournament at Rage.Fan that will simulate French Open 21. It covers every match reward, special rewards for semis and finals. Use your instincts and game knowledge to find out which player will perform well on the court and go after those cards. Remember there is a limit on the total cards out there.
There is an airdrop happening for 8 NFTs in partnership with Unifty. The rules for participation are pretty simple. Refer to our earlier post for the details. Lucky winners get NFTs + potentially up to 2400 RAGE tokens.
Next set of NFTs will be around Football. We’ll be targeting the Euros and Copa Americana.
Do you have a sport in mind that you’d like us to cover? Let us know

Rage.Fan fantasy sports platform:
This is our flagship product. The platform is currently live in the desktop web version. Very soon we will be launching on Android and iOS platforms. Cricket and Football contests are happening daily. As an introductory offer, we are also running a few zero entry fee contests. Why don’t you guys check us out?

Available in Google Play Store. People can hunt MATIC and RAGE tokens and occasionally some lucky one might get an NFT. More tokens are added as we speak. We have downloads across 60+ countries and more than 10K tokens have been collected so far. Available on Play store. Try this out today!

Colin: people were talking about F1, are you looking at motor sports as well?

George: Definitely, F1 and UFC are in our radar. We are discussing with a few artists on how to best represent them and make it worthwhile for the fans.

“that will make a lot of people happy” Colin concluded

“What can I say, we aim to please!” George added

Colin: Talk to me more about Rage.Fan’s outlook in general towards NFTs

George: We are all about Utility NFTs - we are focused on how NFTs can be utilized and tied to actual sporting rather than being a collectible alone. Focus more on the utility part rather than the unique (rarity) or artistry. That does not mean the cards are not going to look good but it is always going to be more than that.
It is also about gamification and affordability. Our philosophy is centered around creating valuable uNFTs but the pricing expectation and value creation is from utility rather than hype. So we will focus on enabling that rather than paying the already rich superstars and clubs more money. So we are very actively innovating around this space and you will start seeing the results of that in our uNFTs as we evolve.

Colin: Thanks for that, really good to see a focus on making the NFTs useful, close to our hearts

Colin: Can you tell us about how you see the partnership with Unifty?

Vivek: sure,
We are excited to partner with UNIFTY on launching some of our unique sports-focused uNFTs. The Unifty platform enables projects like ours to easily and quickly build out new GTM proof of concepts and evaluate market opportunities. So, we look forward to this as a long-term association and hence, looking forward to a great journey!

Colin comment: That’s great to hear! It’s been exciting to see the project progress as we’ve worked together.

Colin: Can you talk to us about some achievements that you’d like to highlight?

Vivek: Yes, will try to cover more after IDO as that’s more relevant and recent.
After successful IDO:
- On the product front, we launched the fantasy game platform and Scramble, both are being received well. In terms of sports coverage, Cricket and Football being added, more to be added as we go along
- Launched good programs across Staking and Liquidity Provisioning
- Secured some good strategic partnerships with likes Ferrum, DeFi Wizard, Kardia Ventures, BSC Station, and UNIFTY itself
- Onboarder a prominent international Indian cricketer as our brand ambassador
- Listed on Gate.io apart from UNISWAP and Dfyn
- Community growth has also been very healthy and consistent. Also, expanded our presence to Facebook and YouTube. Media coverage has also been good across India, Japan, Vietnam, and China
Colin: you’ve been busy!

Colin: So, what’s next? what are your plans ahead and what we can expect from Rage.Fan in coming months?

Vivek: - On the NFT front our immediate focus is on Football. You’ll hear from us soon as we are burning the midnight oil to get something really exciting ready for you guys. We are pretty confident in the artwork that we are seeing from our artists and we’ll share it with our community as soon as possible. Really excited about this space!
- We are continuously talking to sports fans to understand their needs and find opportunities to elevate the engagement levels.
- As mentioned earlier, our immediate focus is to launch the mobile apps for our gaming platform. We’ll also be launching a basketball fantasy game on our platform.
In addition to this, we have outline the entire 2021 our website for everyone’s access here - https://www.rage.fan/

Colin’s comment: super cool! Thank you for sharing. Sounds like lots of interesting things in the word.

Bignox74: Can you drop a screen shot of the tennis nft. They are pretty cool!
Vivek: sure, give me a sec!
(and Goerge dropped images)

Colin: while your cards upload, maybe we can get people to ask you any questions they might have?

George: sure
Vivek: Yes please!

Colin: community, now’s your time to ask the Rage.fans team!


Community Lead: what are some of the features involving NFT and games?

George: Like we alluded to, all the NFTs will have some Utilities associated with it.
For e.g., the Cricket cards that we had launched have an in-game multiplier effect on the contests on our platform.
The Tennis cards that are currently available on Unifty, have a payout each time the player actually wins on the court. We have carefully designed the game to help fans put on their thinking hats and calculate potential payouts vs points need to actually acquire them on Unifty. So, if you think Federer might not do well in French Open (and I hope he does this time) you should go after.... Nah! I'm not going to tell you who. Figure and Game On!
Remember as we speak a bunch of cards are already collected from Unifty and some won't be replenished.

makeMe_aMiracle: several people have worried about the authenticity of these Nfts, and how valuable they are now and in the near future.
how would you clear the air?

George: The beauty of NFTs is the authenticity around it. It's always there, always verifiable, and immutable.
The value for each NFT is what the team is working on a daily basis. We are talking to a lot of partners to increase what the fans get at the end of the day.

Mental support: With the soccer cards are you guys focusing on countries or teams?

George: For Euros and Copa - it's going to be country specific. But for next season, we will look at some team cards. We are still trying to figure out the best way to increase the engagement levels for the fans with their favorite teams/sports.

Mental support: Are you guys looking into license deals? For smaller sports
Sat@Rage.fan: We are looking into license deals on a case-to-case basis. The challenge is around how do you do it along with managing necessary cost implications. But yes, we are very much focused on those aspects

Community Lead: and can I slam n00bs for gains with a fantasy football league? haha
George: Have you tried our contests? Today we'll have a couple around the Europa Leagues. It's fun and it pays.

Peepo Smol: I’d like to know more about the Indian cricketer you’ve signed up and why did you pick them? Because there’s so many legends in the field, how were you able to narrow down your choice?

Vivek: We have onboarded Dinesh Karthik as we both share common vision. Let me share with you some of his journey and select highlights.

Colin: amazing guys! Thank you very much Rage.fan George and Vivek

Colin: can you let people know where they can find out more, and ask you any other questions they have?
and also, you have a special event coming out soon, anything you want to share?

Vivek: Yes, sure!
Members can find us here across all social media handles:

— Telegram [Official Group]: https://t.me/rage_fan
— Telegram [Ann. Channel]: https://t.me/rage_fan_announcement
— Twitter:https://twitter.com/RageFanSocial
— Official website: https://www.rage.fan/
— Medium: https://medium.com/@ragefan

They can ask in groups itself or write at < suggestions@rage.fan >

Colin; thank you again guys!
look forward to seeing you grow, and growing alongside

Vivek:Thank you for having us! Pleasure being here.

George: Thank you guys! Amazing to see a community focused on NFTs. Super excited with this interaction!

and the AMA session rose by 4:58 pm CET and left the members of the unifty community applauding the Informative session

Rage.Fan in association with UNIFTY brings to you the limited-edition exclusive tennis NFTs to grab for across 8 AIRDROPS
Additionally, get a chance to grab RAGE worth upto $2400 by taking part in Fantasy Tennis Tournament on Rage.Fan platform
For more information about unifty partnership with rage.fan visit the official handles and get yourself updated…

Brand Ambassador

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