Comdex and its Mainnet Launch
Mainnet launch is the most important process to observe when developing a gateway for capital flow from DeFi into CeFi. With Comdex mainnet now available, exuberant holders of ATOM, XPRT, LUNA, and OSMO are now able to retrieve their $CMDX airdrop.
With the recent launch of the mainnet, it is high time for Comdex to expand its concentration from constructing an independent succinct product to a system of classified and interoperable services (Enterprise trading platform, ShipFi, Synthetics). With the surge in institutional interest and investment capital, Comdex realizes that this is the best moment to introduce its interoperable services to the marketplace.
After enlisting over 50 validators on the testnet, Comdex is working very hard to ensure productivity, straightforwardness, and trust to the $17 trillion asset trade and trade finance industries.

Why you Should Trust Comdex

Based on Persistence SDK, Comdex’s trading system promotes the development and trading of tokenized community assets, resolving trust and productivity issues to offer SMEs and MSMEs superior rights to capital.
In addition to the Comdex Synthetics protocol, Comdex trading system constitutes real-life NFTs commodity assets on the Persistence blockchain, which will enable users to confidently and perfectly change the possessor of NFTs on-chain.
In the subsequent time, its ShipFi framework, a dApp in the Comdex ecosystem will be launched. When this is being launched, it will enable DeFi capitalists to yield liquidity to CeFi debt assets and enables the digitization and exchange of real-life assets for currency-backed stable coins.
A comprehensive collection of interoperable services that address the challenges faced by the industries while incentivizing all stakeholders, creating unhindered access to liquidity.
It also provides a permissionless system and accelerates the tokenization of real-life assets with minimum friction than in conventional derivatives markets. Many stakeholders currently are restricted to a broad array of financial assets.
Synthetic assets enable the effortless flow of capital between asset levels, without taking into consideration the environmental or governmental constraints. This helps stakeholders to transfer their capital from one financial market to the other.

About Comdex
Comdex is a Cosmos-based, decentralized synthetic asset protocol. Comdex’s goal is to establish an environment of compatible services for obtaining commodities-related financial products and solutions. Comdex offers flawless entry to worldwide assets and liquidity through synthetics.
Comdex sets the foundation for a future where the whole development of product agreements can be accomplished in real-time and is available for anyone. The organization channel will be an onramp for the digital conversion of commodity trades, which can then be supported financially by establishing simulated assets that symbolizes debt and trading them to stakeholders through ShipFi.
In subsequent periods, the complex framework that will make this feasible will support the on-ramp and democratization of a huge spectrum of illiquid financial assets.
As Comdex grows and increases proficiencies, bridges will be developed to comprise a more comprehensive set of financial assets to be available in its democratized ecosystem.
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