CMDX Token Economics and Utility

CMDX is the native token of the Comdex chain, and it will be important in supporting Comdex in achieving its goal of liberalizing the economic sector. The CMDX token economics are explained in full in this article, as well as how it will work in the Comdex environment.
Distribution of CMDX Tokens
To be genuinely interoperable, Comdex has to attract a large number of users from throughout the Cosmos ecosystem.
The CMDX token distribution scheme and delivery plan encourage full involvement from a large percentage of the Cosmos ecosystem while preserving the long-term aim for development via community interaction.
The CMDX token is inflationary, having a first-year inflation rate of 30% and following inflation rates of 25% in each year, with a total supply of 200,000,000 CMDX.
At the start of the project, 100,000,000 CMDX will be coined and accessible for 48 months, with the following distribution:
12.5 percent in Airdrops (12,500,000 CMDX)
Boost Comdex knowledge and implementation through engaging with diverse groups around Cosmos. To boost awareness and encourage initial platform adoption, Comdex will launch extensive airdrop programs throughout diverse ecosystems.
Comdex has already declared their $XPRT airdrop and will be releasing further airdrops soon.
At the time of the listing, 2,500,000 CMDX tokens will be released, with another 2,500,000 CMDX tokens released every three months until the total allotment of 12,500,000 CMDX is issued. This distribution schedule aids in increasing platform awareness and early acceptance.

12.5 percent Allocated to the Community Development Fund (12,500,000 CMDX)
Comdex's development community needs to be more aware of it and embrace it. Through community funding, a portion of the granted funds will be used to encourage and finance the creation of new dApps in the ecosystem.
As Comdex strives to develop an ecosystem of services to connect the virtual world to the real world, there will be a greater demand to tap into the expertise of specialists who can assist bridge the information gulf.
A portion of this funding will be used to entice these specialists to join the team on this adventure and assist Comdex.
CMDX granted to the community development fund is distributed in similar quantities quarterly until the 30th month following listing. This release plan assures that the ecosystem will continue to support Comdex as it expands.

Incentives 25% (25,000,000 CMDX)
CMDX tokens are given to users who complete specific platform activities. One of these responsibilities is to supply liquidity to the liquidity pools that fuel cSwap trades. Early liquidity providers will be compensated in addition to trading fees.
At listing, 5,000,000 CMDX of the entire incentive allotment will be unlocked, accompanied by 3,000,000 CMDX unlocked per quarter for the next two quarters. After then, every quarter for the next four quarters, 2,000,000 CMDX will be unlocked.
After then, every quarter for the next six quarters, 1,000,000 CMDX will become available. This promotes early liquidity availability, which is critical for the success of cSwap's synthetics marketplaces.
Longer-term engagement from LPs in the network is also ensured by the benefits being stretched out over 36 months.

Treasury 25% (25,000,000 CMDX)
The protocol's operations and maintenance are funded by this fund. At the time of listing, 5,000,000 CMDX tokens will be available, with 1,250,000 CMDX tokens being available every quarter until the 48th month.

25% Allocated to the Team and Advisors (25,000,000 CMDX)
Team members and advisers will get tokens over three years, with a 12-month cliff from TGE and vesting monthly for the remaining 24 months.

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